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Vape Review: Atmos Kiln RA Portable Vaporizer

The Atmos Kiln RA Final Review of The Kiln RA Vaporizer The Kiln RA (replaceable atomizer) is a conduction vape made for waxy, shatter type concentrates. It uses a ceramic “doughnut” heating element. It has the industry standard of 5 clicks on and 5 clicks off. You simply hit and hold the single button, wait […]

Strain Review: Kimbo Kush by The Chronic Boutique

Today, we review the strain Kimbo Kush by The Chronic Boutique. Kimbo Kush by The Chronic Boutique I have reviewed this strain before, and we decided to do it again from another grower here in Colorado. Kimbo Kush has some strong, Indica dominant lineage that delivers a serious uppercut of “f@ck it”, that ruined the […]

Vape Reviews: Puffco Plus

Puffco Plus Concentrates Vaporizer Pen Final Review The Puffco Plus is a conduction heating, ceramic chamber, designed to be used specifically with concentrates. The sleek design, ease of use, and multi-heat settings allow you to customize your use with the Plus. The dart is handy when loading this pen, however, can break if dropped so great […]

Strain Review: Tora Bora x The Ox by NuVue Pharma

Today, we review the strain Tora Bora x The Ox by NuVue Pharma. TORA BORA x THE OX – NuVue Pharma Take a trip to Costa Rica because this strain tastes like a tropical explosion. Tora Bora x The Ox, which is a high CBD strain, has one AMAZING flavor profile. This trip to the equator […]

Glass Reviews by Elev8 Presents And How We Do It

Elev8 Presents The Ultimate Glass Review System Why are we doing glass reviews? This series of blogs is to get some proper information out there where it can easily be found.  Also, being in this wild west of an industry we at Elev8 Presents felt there needed to be a solid place to get solid […]

ROOR Tech Makes Some Of The Finest Glass On Earth

Double Barrel Perc by ROOR  ROOR has been making water filters for about 23 years.  It was founded 1995 by Martin Birzle, a German glass-blower.   This piece can be purchased from Elev8 Glass Gallery for $500.  One thing I learned while doing this review is that ROOR makes glass no thinner than 5mm thick.  Also, I […]

Double Uptake Recycler by Elev8 Glass

Double Uptake Inline Klien Cycler By Elev8 Glass In this review, we are taking a look at this amazing double uptake recycler dabbing or vaping rig by Elev8 Glass.  This piece can be purchased from Elev8 Glass Gallery.  With the rise in demand for foreign glass and the advancing quality of the glass, you can be assured […]

Mary’s Medicinal THC Patches

Today, we review Mary’s Medicinal THC Patches.

Strain Review: Tangerine Kush by Quality Choice Dispensaries

Today, we review Tangerine Kush, by Quality Choice Dispensaries. Tangerine Kush If you are looking for a super Citrusy and Orangey cannabis that will rock your world, look no further, Tangerine Kush is here. This super Indica dominant hybrid embellishes what is the sunshine that ascends down on us every day through a super beautiful […]

Increase Your Hunger and Feed Your Soul at the Same Time

Increase Your Hunger and Feed Your Soul at the Same Time “You can’t do anything productive with an empty stomach,” this is the phrase we all grew up listening to. Well, one thing is for sure that we live in a world where we get up every day and try to overcome new challenges. But […]
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