Cannabis Strain Review: Mint Penny Raw Rosin

Today, Alex reviews Mint Penny Raw Rosin. A high-terpene, high-CBD, solventless extraction by Colorado Extract Company (Altitude Organic Medicine).

Mint Penny Raw Rosin by Colorado Extraction Company (Altitude Organic Medicine)

Do you know all the different types of concentrates? Have you ever heard of Raw Rosin? This week’s cannabis review is something very special, Altitude Organic Medicine Mint Penny Raw Rosin. Raw Rosin is very special and has some of the most amazing flavors out of all the different concentrates.

Rosin is created by heat and pressure. Since it doesn’t need solvents, it can also be produced legally at home. Many times rosin will be made from kief or bubble hash. Mint Penny is derived from pressing two different bubble hash into one delicious Rosin. In this solventless process, Pennywise a high-CBD indica strain, and Aaron’s Thin Mint, an OG Kush and Durban Poison cross, makes for one amazing concentrate.

This sweet tasting concentrates packed some serious flavor! Mint Penny Raw Rosin tested in at 59% THC, 15% CBD, and 20% Terpenes. This extraction has some a beautiful golden hue with the same consistency as a darker honey, but in the light, it was crystal clear.

Man, what a beautiful medicine created by Colorado Extract Company and Altitude Organics Medicine. As soon as I cracked that 1g jar, I knew I was in for some Kush flavors. This super gassy aroma was crazy! I have only consumed rosin a few times before this and this consistency scared me. It looks extremely hard to use or load, but the terpene content makes it easier than you think.

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of cannabis and you have never dabbed, vaped, or smoked Rosin before; Unfortunately, you are not a connoisseur then. Step your game up and get some of this high-CBD, solventless extraction. Get ready to enjoy some of the best tasting product cannabis has to offer. Highly Recommended 7.7/8

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