Cannabis Strain Review: Black Sugar Rose by Garden of the Budz

Today, we review the cannabis strain Black Sugar Rose by Garden of the Budz.

Black Sugar Rose by Garden of the Budz

Black Sugar Rose is an amazing medicine grown by Garden of the Budz in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Black Sugar Rose is a cannabis strain that is used for its many medical benefits. It is known in the Oncology field to help chemotherapy patients by providing a balanced high that can stimulate appetite and leave the user very relaxed, and euphoric.

This 50/50 hybrid strain is a cross between Critical Bilbo and Black Domina, tow very sought after indica dominant strains. Critical Bilbo has won several Cannabis Cups and delivers fruity notes from Cannagods above. BSR tested in at 16.99% and did not disappoint in any of the categories we rate our cannabis strains on. This sage green, frosty nugget with orange hairs was a pure delight to any cannabis user.

This beautiful fruity, earthy, sweet-smelling cannabis rocked my senses! As soon as I laid my eyes on that jar in the dispensary, I knew, I wanted to try that strain specifically. When the budtender opened that container, it was like someone just poured a fresh bowl or Trix or Froot Loops. The taste matched how well it smelled, but gave a very light lavender taste. Nonetheless, the floral and fruity flavor blended so well, and the high was even better.

This incredible indica/sativa hybrid with award-winning lineage, indistinguishable aromas, and beautiful frostiness is a HIGHLY sought after medicine because of its beautiful aesthetics, flavors, and medicinal properties. The high was very relaxing, provided pain relief in my lower back, and left me in a sedative, hungry, mellow mess. HIGHly Recommended 7/8

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