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VOOTRA’S BEHIND THE BRAND Interview With 7th Floor and Elev8 Posted on Mar 26, 2019 by Sara Popovic Once separated, now merged into one family, 7th Floor and Elev8 are the life’s work of Steve Kelnhofer. This talented man with a great vision both for his company and the industry as a whole saw the flaws in […]

Glassblower interview with Windstar Glass

Windstar glass got started blowing glass Jan. 1 2014 for her mother’s headshop.  As she started out in production work she was able to really hone her skill to where she is today.  Mary Janes is the name of the shop that she started to blow glass in.  Taught by her father, she soon took her […]

Elev8 Presents – A glassblower interview with Sir Pyro Glass by Steve K. at Elev8 Premier

Blowing Glass For 20+ Years – Meet Sir Pyro Glass In This Interview After meeting Sir Pyro Glass maybe 12 years ago at a champs show, I finally got to sit down and talk with him.  On top of that, we got to make a collab piece for the #Elev8TheBees campaign!  With so many years in […]

Elev8 Presents – A glassblower interview with Skoeet Glass by Matt Z. at Elev8 Premier

Skoeet Glass Tells The Tales Of Glassblowing In this interview, we get to know the one and only Skoeet Glass aka Chris.  Matt Z. was able to meet up with this hard-working blower so we can get to know the guy a little.  2009 is the year that Skoeet Glass started blowing glass in Colorado […]

Coyle Glass Art by @coylecondenser – Elev8 Prenents

THE AMAZING GLASS ART BY COYLE So long ago it seems I would get these amazing face pipes from a local distributor selling me these Coyle pipes.  Well, after 12 years Daniel Coyle has refined his skills to be one of the most desired glass artists in the industry.  His glass speaks for itself with each piece looking like […]

Interview with Josh the Creator of RAW Rolling Papers

Here we get to meet the inventor and founder of RAW rolling papers. Rolling threw CHAMPS we come across one of the coolest cats in the industry Josh Kesselman.  In 1993 Josh started in this industry with HBI.  Around 2004 ish RAW as started. At an early age, Josh fell in love with the industry.  Back […]

Getting To Know Vector Torches AKA KGM

Getting To Know the Vector Torch Company Here we talk with Dan the man from Vector.  As we see in this ever-changing industry, torches have become a daily tool for the person that loves to do dabs.  Torches are the preferred method for people who love to do concentrate dabs.  Dan is one of the […]

Interview with Scott a Glass Blowing Artist And Maker of Griffin Glass Tools

Griffin Glass Tools Are Top of the Line! Walking threw CHAMPS we got a chance to meet up with the one and only Scott Griffin of Griffin Glass Tools.  I personally know the tools they make are top of the line as we have 16-foot pedals running at our studio. Griffin glass is out of […]

An Interview with Trident Glass

Here we have a sesh with Shane of Trident Glass In 2003 Trident glass was started.  We have a sit down with Shane to fill us in on the greatness that makes up Trident!  Make sure to hit them up on their Instagram at Trident Glass. In 2003 Trident was started in Eugen, Oregan.  After the operation […]

Elev8ing with Hops and Rocko, two of the industries top glass blowers!

A duo of brilliance with Hops and Rocko The great thing about the AGE show is the chance to meet some of the industries leaders and my mentors!  Walking along I happen to find two talented artists that go by the names of Hops Glass and Rocko.    Hops started blowing glass back in October […]
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