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So long ago it seems I would get these amazing face pipes from a local distributor selling me these Coyle pipes.  Well, after 12 years Daniel Coyle has refined his skills to be one of the most desired glass artists in the industry.  His glass speaks for itself with each piece looking like it is alive.   At the champs show, I got to chat with him as well as get some dope videos and photographs.  This page is dedicated to one of my most favorite artists in the industry.  As I get more info I will post it here so check back for more

Drawing on an impressive set of scientific glassblowing skills, Coyle Glass emerged on the functional scene with an impact. Consistently making some of the most collectible work out there, Coyle’s emotive sculptural style is in a class all its own with the amazing attention to detail and character of the glass. In the words of Coyle Glass “Often my work is playful in nature and can remind you of toys; I guess I like to bring the viewer (or user) back to their childhood and also remind them to not take life so seriously… Why pipes? Making an object into a pipe will allow someone to bond with that object. They will have experiences with it, develop a relationship with it, in time it will become more than a piece in their collection- it will become sentimental.”


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