Elev8 Presents – A glassblower interview with Skoeet Glass by Matt Z. at Elev8 Premier

Skoeet Glass Tells The Tales Of Glassblowing

In this interview, we get to know the one and only Skoeet Glass aka Chris.  Matt Z. was able to meet up with this hard-working blower so we can get to know the guy a little.  2009 is the year that Skoeet Glass started blowing glass in Colorado Springs at Higher Elevations, now Elev8 Glass Gallery and Elev8 Premier glass studio.  Working out of the Grind studio he is working with a ton of blowers making collabs and expanding his skill.  Leaving pizza boxes at glass spots is the joy of this guy.

Looking up to Dave Colton and Danial Coyl, Skoeet is able to push himself to new styles and techniques inspired by these guys and more like them.  Fume work is one of the more favorite styles of blowing while also enjoying the layering techniques.  Grawling really brings the styles together and makes them really pop.

Lately, Skoeet has been working with some blowers that have been coming into the springs to make some really dope art glass projects.  New ideas are a passion of Skoeet and working in glass really allows him to do what he loves.

Chris does believe in aliens and he knows they are real as many blowers he has encountered may actually be aliens.




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