Interview with Matt Z Glass Blowing Artist from Elev8 Premier

I have been spinning glass since 2006. I started blowing glass out of a small shop in the backyard of Steve’s house, I was working with Steve building vaporizers and we needed somebody to make the glass parts we use on the silver surfer vaporizer. Steve asked me if I was willing to learn how to blow glass, I said hell yeah and that ignited a lifetime passion. The first year was very difficult but I learned many techniques and plenty of the wrong ways to build those parts. After my first year, we moved the shop and opened a small headshop. That allowed me to start making the things I wanted to make such as pipes and bubblers. I was able to expand my knowledge of techniques by taking a couple of classes from some top-notch Glassblowers. I continued to build my skill level and was able to sell my work though the headshop. Steve and I keep pushing each other daily to build the best pieces we can, I have a passion for glass that inspires me to make quality glass that is artistic while being functional. I am challenged every day and that’s what I love about glass, I am always learning and teaching what I’ve learned. For me blowing glass is a lifestyle and I’m constantly striving to make the best quality masterpieces I know how to produce.  To see more of Matt’s glass follow him on Instagram 

Matt Z schmoozing for the votes as he took first place in the chili

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