Interview with Simply Jeff from Elev8 Premier by Elev8 Presents

Elev8 Premier talks a little glass blowing and management with Jeff E.

Jeff has been working at the glass blowing trade for near 7 years and has worked up to be the shot caller at Elev8 Premier while blowing glass. Functional work is what he likes most keeping it simple and clean. This is one of the harder things to do in glass trade and Jeff delivers every time. One of his newer takes is the dot stack method. Like Jeff its simple yet amazing. Did you know using a kiln will allow the blower anneal the glass they made? Well if you didn’t now you do (POW hand blows up like a fire work!!). Any ways, what the hell is FU*% MARY KILL? Since the beginning of time fire has interested man, and that interest is what brought Mr. Jeff to Elev8 Premier. He also does not mind smoking a little MMJ. Educating and training people are a big challenge yet the most rewarding. With only lobster on earth to eat, Jeff would be a happy camper, and this is why he finds such inspiration nature. Like most blowers his life has been complletly altered for an Elev8ed State of MIND! You can see his work at both 7th Floor and Elev8 Glass Gallery

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