Glassblower interview with Windstar Glass

Windstar glass got started blowing glass Jan. 1 2014 for her mother’s headshop.  As she started out in production work she was able to really hone her skill to where she is today.  Mary Janes is the name of the shop that she started to blow glass in.  Taught by her father, she soon took her own path.  Currently, she is blowing glass at her home so she is feeling the urge to get out.

Inspired by Punty and Menta as well as Kevin Murry.  Stringer tech is what she is really enjoying at the moment, with a quest to be on par with Tammy Baller.  Windstar Glass is really pushing the edge in glass as not only a woman blower but also as a blower

Windstar Glass’s new stained glass techniques is what she is working on with a love for molten aura colors.  Surface work stringer tech is one of her favorites as not many are using this technique at this time.

During this interview, Windstar and Matt worked on this amazing piece!

Look to the future and keep an eye out for Windstar Glass as she will be competing in the 2019 Champs show.


Get to know Windstar Glass more in this dope interview by Elev8 Presents



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