Blowing Glass: Mini Tube Rig (Time Lapse)

Neat video of Matt Z and Steve K making a mini rig

Ever wonder what it takes to make a custom Mini Tube rig? Watch as blower Matt Z (@mattzglass)  and @ssv_steve_elev8 from the ELEV8 Premier Studio and School meticulously creates liquid art.  One of these little tubes can take about 60 minutes to make.  The joint is hand made in our shop with a custom stainless steel joint mold made just for us.  We can put many different patterns in the bottom of the glass.  What is even cooler, we can put your own name in the bottom of the dab rig as well.  These mini tubes start out on a 45mm heavy wall tubing.  We use shotte glass clear tubing in all our glass we make.  We have used all the manufacturers out there and there is no doubt Shotte is far superior.    You can also check out Elev8 Premier to find out more about the guys working at the studio.    Matt has been blowing glass for 12 years now and it shows in the quality that he produces.  From a clear standard mini rig like this to one of his amazing sherlock one floating recyclers.  You can visit Elev8 Glass Gallery also to pick up some of his work.  At Elev8 we feel being Elev8ed is a way of life unique to you, just like you are unique to the world.

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