Strain Review: Bubba CBD Live Resin from Garden of the Budz

In this video, we review Bubba Kush CBD live resin from Garden of the Budz right here in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Bubba CBD

Bubba CBD, a 3:1 THC to CBD, live resin hands down was one of my favorite stains of all times. Most come in at a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio, but this monster Northern Lights, Pre 98 Bubba, and a pure CBD strain had a baby and created this pheno-menal extraction. This Indica dominant CBD strain was a match made in heaven for people with pain or muscle aches.

Bubba CBD was tested at 31% THC and 9% CBD and was a Live Resin. Amazing floral aromas and extremely sweet. Before even consuming, the sweet taste coated my tongue reminding me of the fresh mangoes in Belize.

A few dabs later, I felt euphoric and fresh. As a medical patient who suffers from constant back pain and muscle aches, this strain’s effects was a welcomed relief of the constant dull pain. Within a few moments, I could feel the pain in my lower back recede and the taste of papaya overcome my entire mouth. The sweet taste was immaculate and highly recommended to anyone suffering from lack of delicious extractions.


All in all, this strain will be forever one of my favorite extractions I have ever sampled. From the effects to the flavor, Garden of the Budz in Colorado Springs, CO produced a beautiful medicine for the patients. Bubba CBD 7.6/8 Highly Recommended

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