Cannabis Strain Review: Strawberry Shortcake

Today, Alex reviews the cannabis strain Strawberry Shortcake by The Chronic Boutique.

Strawberry Shortcake by The Chronic Boutique

Dark Horse Genetics, the creator of many tasty cannabis strains, is known for creating some amazing terpene profiles. Today’s strain for review, Strawberry Shortcake is one of those beautiful strains developed by Dark Horse. Strawberry Shortcake was grown by The Chronic Boutique and had this beautiful, sweet aroma.

Strawberry Shortcake a cross between Juliet and Strawberry Diesel. If you know me or have watched my reviews, you know I love Diesel strains. This cannabis was tested at 21.6% THC and .03% CBD, which is on the HIGH side for this strain. I was thoroughly impressed with the visual aesthetics of Strawberry Shortcake.

There was some serious frostiness on these little nuggets. The trichomes were fully developed and milky, like a beautiful white Christmas. Behind every great trichome are even more hairs. These orange, red hairs weaved in and out of the bud like vines on the side of an old house. Shout out to Juan and the guys down at The Chronic Boutique, you guys are killing it!

Strong aromas of the diesel genetics crept out of the jar as soon as it was opened. The sweet smell of fuel and candy delivered a terpene uppercut to my nostrils. The flavor was a perfect match for the smell. Every vape hit was a fresh taste of Strawberry Diesel. I have never tested Juliet, but I am sure she would agree that the Diesel genetics rule in this strain.

I really had a great time with this strain review. Strawberry Shortcake proved to create an uplifting, cerebral high. I felt super motivated and ready to take on any tasks that day threw at me. I would recommend this to some novice smokers that do not want to be couch locked or just plain “too high”. I felt very social after this review! My name might be Alex, but I sure was a Chatty Cathy. HIGHly Recommended 7/8

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