Cannabis Strain Review: Chemdawg by The Chronic Boutique

Today, we review the strain Chem Dog from The Chronic Boutique.

Chemdawg by The Chronic Boutiques

Chemdawg has created quite a name for itself over the past years with mysterious origins, amazing flavor, and superb breeding results. The cannabis strain has made its mark on the industry for years to come.

The original parents are thought to be Sour Diesel and OG Kush and is a 70% sativa dominant hybrid. This flower has some amazing flavor profiles, aromas, and multiple medicinal properties. Chemdawg has some very pungent diesel aromas that can be smelled a mile away. So be careful when traveling.

Be careful when consuming this strain because it tends to be a little on the potent side, ranging THC contents above 20%. It leaves some people with an energized, narcotic feeling. This strain is known to help fight depression and anxiety.

Chemdawg is one of my favorite strains so far! This award-winning lineage has stellar cross-breeding results, amazing aroma and flavor profiles, and highly sought after medicinal effects. I would always recommend the strain, and I am sure so does everyone else. Laser-Focused 6.8/8

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