Cannabis Accessory Review: Tidy Tips by 7th Floor Vapes

Today, Maddy reviews the tightly woven, 100% Cotton Tidy Tips by 7th Floor Vapes.


Tidy Tips by 7th Floor Vapes

Q tips Vs. Tidy Tips

What is worse than chazzing your nail? Nothing besides knowing you could have prevented it. Smoking concentrates or “dabbing” as some people like to call it, has advanced and transformed in so many ways since it first hit the cannabis community. Dabbing enthusiasts have struggled with the craft of maintaining and keeping a quartz nail/banger clean for years now. 

People everywhere have found many different methods to clean and maintain their nails. Q Tips are usually the immediate go to, but they lack a special something that other competitive companies can supply. Here at ELEV8 Presents, we feel we have partnered with one of the best companies for this crisis. We would like to introduce to you, the Tidy Tip by 7th Floor

This revolutionary design has changed the game for concentrate and glass connoisseurs everywhere. Their intricately designed pointed sharp tip has made clean up a worry in the past. You will be able to reach those nooks and crannies of the nail that you never noticed before. The reversed side of the Tidy Tip has a thick, absorbent, quilted design (very similar to the well known Charmin toilet paper design) to soak up those puddles after those low temp dabs.

Not only do Tidy Tips excel expectations of concentrate users, they also can be used by flower smokers world round. The fine edge of the Tidy Tip is ideal for cleaning and clearing the air hole of pipes and bowl pieces. The Q tips design will only clog and further the problem of a clogged bowl, however, with the Tidy Tip will alleviate this “sticky” situation with haste. 

Even though this product is mostly used as a cannabis accessory, the Tidy Tip can also be used by makeup lovers as well. The arrow-like tip works as a fantastic tool for touching up eyeliner and lipstick giving the precision every makeup guru seeks. Trust me, I am a woman. I would know!

As expressed in several different trials it is pivotal that the Tidy Tip reigns supreme over the Q tip. Although Q tips may be cheaper in bulk and sold in many different locations, the practiced “dabber” or concentrate user would be aware of the blatant differences the Tidy Tip provides.


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