Electric dab rigs have become all the rage in places where concentrates are popular.  In this Let’s Elev8 we go over 3 of the most popular dab rigs like the Puffco Peak, the Carta Focus V and the new G9 E Pro.  All of these units work the same basically each having it’s own unique features.  We will go over the pros and cons so you can make a more educated decision. 

E Rig Pros

  1. Mobile (not portable)
  2. Easy To Pass Around
  3. All-Inclusive For Dabbing
  4. No Need For A Torch Like A Banger
  5. Good Flavor
  6. Customizable Glass (mostly by American Blowers)
  7. Different Material Dishes For Your Preference
  8. Rechargeable
  9. Cordless

E Rig Pros

  1. Batteries Will Eventually Die
  2. Will Not Last For Hours Of Use
  3. Batteries Are Not Environmentally Friendly
  4. Can Not Connect To An Existing Water Pipe
  5. Does Not Work With The Wonderful Flower
  6. Small Base, Easy To Tip Over
  7. Replacement Heaters Are Expensive
  8. Heaters Do Not Last Long
  9. Not Portable (can not go in pocket or purse easily)
  10. Clogs Sooner Than Most Concentrate Consumption Methods
  11. Bowls Are Small (Carta is even smaller)
  12. Price Is High Compared To A Vape Pen
  13. Short Run Time (must keep turning on)

 Learn About The Top E Rigs

Puffco Peak, Carta Focus V and G9 E Pro

What we like about the Puffco 

  1. Design is cool
  2. Easy to Use

What we like about the Carta Focus V

  1. More affordable than a Puffco Peak
  2. Removable Batteries
  3. 3 bowl materials (quartz, ceramic and titanium)
  4. Comes with carb cap tether
  5. Nice bag

What we like about the G0 E Pro

  1. Affordability
  2. Adjustable temperature settings from 280-800 degrees
  3. 3 bowl materials (quartz, ceramic and titanium)
  4. Comes with carb cap tether
  5. Highest battery capacity
  6. Star Wars type design
  7. Included recycler
  8. Easier to get custom glass from blowers

What we do not really like about the Puffco

  1. Expensive
  2. Heaters are expensive to replace


What we do not like about the Carta Focus V

  1. Battery issues as they charge in a series


What we do not like about the G0 E Pro

See the Puffco Peak

See the Carta Focus V

See our favorite G9 E Pro

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