Getting To Know Vector Torches AKA KGM

Getting To Know the Vector Torch Company

Here we talk with Dan the man from Vector.  As we see in this ever-changing industry, torches have become a daily tool for the person that loves to do dabs.  Torches are the preferred method for people who love to do concentrate dabs.  Dan is one of the top sales guys and has been with the company for 5 years.  Their business has been steadily rising since he has started.  The new banger movement has really pushed this along the way.  Now offering an array of torches for the dab consumer.

Hand torches and tabletop torches are the main focus, with the hyper and nitro torches being the top torches currently being sold.  The function is the most important design aspect that the Vector team focuses on.  Without the function, the torch just does not work.  Consumers find the torches to be one of the best in the industry.  Vector lives and breaths the torch game so you know they have their hand on the pulse of the torch industry.  Keep an eye on Vector to see all the new hip products they are releasing.

Marketing is one of the biggest problems Vector deals with as they pretty much only sell their goods in smoke shops.  To overcome this they work directly with the smoke shops to give the great service that people have become accustomed to.

Vector Torches are located in Commerce, California and their torches can be found in any smoke shop in the USA and pretty much any smoke shop in the world.  Many of the new items that are coming out are now available at a local smoke store near you, so go check them out.

Dan says aliens are up there where he believes in ghosts.  Go figure that!



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