Interview with Josh the Creator of RAW Rolling Papers

Here we get to meet the inventor and founder of RAW rolling papers.

Rolling threw CHAMPS we come across one of the coolest cats in the industry Josh Kesselman.  In 1993 Josh started in this industry with HBI.  Around 2004 ish RAW as started.

At an early age, Josh fell in love with the industry.  Back in college, he started a small smoke shop while living in his friend’s storage shed.  At some time in the 80’s the USA lost its great papers.  Trading with European companies for cool great papers he was able to build a network of paper manufacturers.  In the 90’s one of the oldest rolling paper manufacturing shops was opened and that is where Josh jumped on board.

10 years later RAW delivers the ultimate clean papers.  Josh points out that many companies will put chalk in papers so that the ash looks good.  This is not good.  RAW rolling papers uses only natural plant material.  Even the glue is used from natural plants.  Being a simplest he finds its just easy to make great products.  Using good fibers is more expensive but just better.  Its more natural and is the only way that Josh would smoke.

King size and 1 1/4 are the most popular sizes of papers and can be found pretty much in every smoke shop in the USA.  Based out of Arizona Josh has been enjoying life!  As like anyone RAW does have difficulties like people knocking off the RAW brand with fakes.  No one can really come close to the way that RAW can make a paper.  No one really makes the good paper even though they can, they do not.

Trays and magnets are the new adventures with RAW so that the small issues of maybe getting your stash nocked over.   RAW rolling papers has a solution for this!

And yes, the founder of RAW does believe in Aliens.

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