Elev8ing with Hops and Rocko, two of the industries top glass blowers!

A duo of brilliance with Hops and Rocko

The great thing about the AGE show is the chance to meet some of the industries leaders and my mentors!  Walking along I happen to find two talented artists that go by the names of Hops Glass and Rocko.    Hops started blowing glass back in October of 1999 while Rocko started melting glass 15 years ago.  

What got the two mad men started

Scooter was the guy that got Hops started and a guy from Orgean got Rocko started.  With one invitation to Scooters shop Hops was hooked.  It also paid more than making sandwiches.  The good thing for Rocko was the guy from Oregon had some good weed,  and after 2 years of seeing that guy go at the glass, Rocko finally got in the game.  He went from paper to glass!





Top Techniques

Sculpting is one of the most favorite techniques for Hops, he loves seeing the human form come to fruition.  Rocko has a hard time knowing his favorite, but he finds the most reward to come from a murrine cane.







When asking the guys what the best way to promote themselves, they say the best way to promote is get out there and do it.  Get out there and meet people and join the social media.  It works together with the blower pushing the shop and the shop pushing the blower.  Go check both these cats out and help promote them, cuz they are cool!




The Love of Glass


The mystery of glass is what started Hops’ love of glass and allowed him to open the doors of his creativity.  The brain working at a mass level to figure things out is also what make the love of glass so great.  Lessons are what Rocko loves in the glass game.  Never really knowing just the all time learning!






TV and pop culture has really inspried Rocko along with  Ed Roth.  Currently Hops finds inspiration in his kids.  When things come into Hops’ life they tend to take over much like Macho Man has taken over the last 2 years.  Evolution is also what Hops loves to see happen in the industry.





Check out both HopsGlass and RockoGlass, two dope artists!


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