5 Best Cannabis Strains That Help Relieve Nausea & Vomiting

Though nausea is not life-threatening by any means, to experience that restless feeling at any time of the day is just extremely uncomfortable. However, vomiting can take all the necessary nutrients out of your body and disrupt your daily routines. So, if you’ve been experiencing such bouts of nausea lately, then this article is for you.

Cannabis has proven to be a very valuable antiemetic. This means it can help relieve nauseous feeling and stop you from vomiting. People who have tried cannabis for this purpose found it more pleasant than other nausea medicine. This is because cannabis doesn’t have those side effects that come along with commonly used pharmaceutical medicines, like muscle spasms, dry mouth, heartburn, and fatigue. So, next time you feel nauseous, try these strains out for instant relief!

1- Blueberry Diesel

This unique cannabis has sativa front and indica end. With a THC level of around 15%, this indica dominant mix of Sour Diesel and Blueberry provides a relaxing experience when you’re feeling nauseous and are about to vomit. This cannabis strain also controls the stomach ache and increases appetite.

2- Blue Dream

Blue dream is a remarkable mix of DJ Short’s Blueberry F5 and Santa Cruz Haze, and it’s described as a force that gives your body a high that relieves pain and paves a path for a peaceful night’s sleep. Aside from effectively treating the nauseous feeling, Blue Dream also reduces stress and anxiety.

3- Durban Poison

This energizing and refreshing sativa has a reputation for being an extraordinary medical cure. Durban Poison is the most effective type of cannabis to relieve nausea feeling caused by head-splitting migraines. Not only this strain is useful for relieving nausea, but also it’s known to be a very social strain that stimulates creativity, sociability, and develops a very pleasant overall mood.

4- Lavender

Named lavender because of its scent, this indica dominant strain is very strong with a THC level of about 27%. The high THC content in this cannabis makes it an uber-calming strain that has the potential to give the strongest body a good high. This makes Lavender very effectual for anxiety, depression and nausea relief.

5- Northern Lights

This indica dominant strain is famous for giving a very powerful body high that helps with all kinds of physical pains. With an average THC level of about 16-21%, this cannabis strain is super relaxing and has the power to induce a very deep sleep. So, if you have an important working schedule to keep up with the next day, then, Northern Lights is the best option you’ve got to treat your nausea and vomiting.

Nausea that roots from headaches, depression, anxiety, stress and stomach upset can be toned down by smoking these cannabis strains that come without any side effects. The relaxing effects of these strains not only relieve nausea and vomiting but also treat the main cause that’s making you feel nauseous. The best thing about some of this nausea relieving strains, like White Fire and Durban Poison, is that they cast a very energetic effect on you. This effect doesn’t interrupt your routine even if you smoke these strains during the day hours.

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