Top Marijuana Strains to Boost Your Gains

Can Cannabis Help You Gain Muscle Mass?

“Are you insane?” The first thing you probably might hear if you tell someone that cannabis may help with muscle gains.

Believe it or not, there are recent studies which support the claim made above. Who knows athletes might be even using marijuana strains already to enhance their performances!

How is this even possible? Read till the end and thank us later…

How does cannabis help?


There are multiple ways in which cannabis can help you out so brace yourself to be stunned by the info.

  • Micro-Dosing:
    For starters, one thing is clear, cannabis is known for making people energized and focused, but at the same time, there are reports that negate the statement. One thing that should be kept in mind before getting stoned prior to hitting the gym is that you need to toke in just 2 to 3 puffs.


This is called micro Dosing; just hit your sweet spot and don’t overdo, otherwise, you will end up with fatigued muscles at the end of a session. A small dosage will be enough to give you the energy and motivation you need to pump up those guns!

  • Pain Threshold: The other effect it has on your body is that it raises your pain threshold. Your body just feels less pain, hence you can do those extra reps and be on your way to gain more muscle!
  • The Zone:

    Ever heard of being in the zone? Well, it’s the state of your consciousness where you are at the very top of your own self! You are at your most productive and are full of motivation, where you can achieve any goal you set your eye on.


Cannabis strains provide you with the flow and you achieve that zone where you will surely lift some serious iron.

  • Speedy Recovery:Cannabidiol better known as CBD is a famous extract of cannabis that is known for its relaxing properties; this cannabinoid will help you out with muscle recovery. This is not just some random fact, this is a point backed by actual scientific studies.


With muscles being restored at a faster pace, you will reach your desired muscle gain goal even faster.

  • Fun Factor:The fun factor just can’t be ignored, like we all know cannabis strains no matter what kind they may be, all make you happy. So, inhaling cannabis before your gym session will make your gym session full of intensity and amusement.

Having fun while gaining muscle mass sounds like a dream come true!

Now that you know what cannabis can do for your gym goals, go toke in some and get those gains.

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