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2019 Tool Album Fear Inoculum Limited Edition

Tool – Fear Inoculum – Album Ok, so you may not have been abe to get that collectors CD by Tool.  We think this is one of the most amazing albums ever, and when Steve got the album he went around showing it off like a little kid.  Great job Tool!! If you have not […]

NFL Athlete Wears Cannabis Support Cleats

NFL Athlete Wears Cannabis Support Cleats Popular personalities in the world of business, entertainment and sports are influential figures for the world over. The causes that they support and spread awareness about reaches the masses. Some celebrities and sports personalities take it upon themselves as a duty to promote the causes they feel should be […]

Cannabis Development through History

A Look at Cannabis Development Through History 1997 saw the discovery of a hemp rope in Czechoslovakia which was carbon dated back to being as old as from 26,900 BC. That goes to show how important a role has the cannabis plant has played for humanity in its development. For the longest time, marijuana was […]

Colorado marijuana tax and how it is allocated among government offices.

Marijuana Tax Revenue in Colorado and How it Gets Distributed America is a haven for legal marijuana usage and possession, within limits of course, with many other countries, even ones with liberal pot regulations (*cough* The Netherlands *cough*) looking to the good ol’ US of A for inspiration, in many ways! And king among the […]

3 Best Tasting Strains on the Planet

3 Undisputed, Best Tasting Strains on the Planet A lot of people tend to choose the strain of marijuana they smoke based on its name. While the name of a particular strain can be a good selling point for it, many others choose the strain they want in a more scientific approach based on the […]

Cryptocurrency and Cannabis

Cryptocurrency and the Cannabis Industry It seems like America is under the spell of two things at the moments, both of which have charmed people to no end, and continue to grow in their influence. Both are mavericks in their own right, and both challenge the corrupt status quo, while being opposed viciously by those […]

Happy New Year Video from Steve and ELEV8 Presents

This year was GREAT for us, but we’re looking forward to what 2018 holds for us all. Check out this video from our owner and founder wishing you and everyone a happy 2018! Sorry, but YouTube hates us and everyone else in this industry, so they removed our video! Check out our Daily Motion Account […]

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