3 Best Tasting Strains on the Planet

3 Undisputed, Best Tasting Strains on the Planet

A lot of people tend to choose the strain of marijuana they smoke based on its name. While the name of a particular strain can be a good selling point for it, many others choose the strain they want in a more scientific approach based on the THC content the strains have.

Then there are those who choose the marijuana strain to smoke purely based on the aroma and the flavor of the strains.
With science and biotechnology making so many advancements, it was only a matter of time that our favorite plant is going to see some sort of upgrade and it is more than fair to say that marijuana plants which have different smells and flavors is the pinnacle of marijuana smoking pioneering.

Here are some of the top best tasting strains of the marijuana plant out there.

1. Tangie

Inarguably, one of the best if not the best marijuana strain, the Tangie, is a work of pure genius. It is at the top most ranking in this list because of its beautiful smell and taste. Even opening a jar of the good stuff before rolling it will bless you with the most heavenly of citric scents . The high is pretty awesome as well considering it takes the consumer up slowly and steadily in to a state of euphoric bliss where there is no such thing as a bad mood.

2. Strawberry Cough

Kyle Kushman is the name of the guy who invented this beauty. Pretty sure that he would not have even dreamed in his wildest dreams that the cloned strain that he produced would one day become one of the best known aromatic strains of the marijuana plant in the world.
The world would have been a very boring place without this strain as it carries along with it the delicate yet very subtly beautiful strawberry flavor. This particular strain has an uplifting high and has a hint of rich earthly smell along with it to balance out the flavor. A true smoker’s delight.

3. Blueberry

The Tangie and Strawberry Cough strains are both sativa but there is one indica strain called the Blueberry that really takes the cake when it comes to fruity smelling marijuana strains. The Blueberry strain is a particularly important one because without this strain, the likes of Blue Dream, Blue Cookies and Blue Cheese would never even have come into existence. It is the father of all those strains and carries historic significance when it comes to marijuana strains.
All of the Blueberry strains happen to have a hint of the blueberry flavor when you smoke them but none of them can compare to the fruity goodness that you can experience when you’re smoking the Blueberry strain. It’s almost like taking a freshly picked bushel of the blueberry plant and smoking it right off the branch.

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