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The Health Benefits of Vaporizing vs Vaping

The Health Benefits of Vaporizing vs Vaping by CC Castañeda Weed is the new wine and, amongst Canna-moms, vaping a fruity pebbles flavor in a vape pen is all the rage, but is it safe? When Jordan, a mom of three, picked up a Roxy vape cartridge at her local Las Vegas dispensary this past November […]

Keeping A Cannabis Journal 101

Keeping A Cannabis Journal 101 Journaling is a powerful tool and a quick search of the internet will bring up countless articles about the benefits of it. I will name a few to save you some time. It helps reduce stress, by putting down different emotions and working through them in a constructive way. Journaling […]

Elev8 – Mind – Body – Spirit

ELEV8 YOUR MIND BODY AND SPIRIT Elev8 is not just a brand of glass, a website or any kind off product, but is more a way of life.  It’s about knowing that you will never know it all.  You will never be all, but to always strive to learn more, do better and be better […]

Kratom Strains And Their Varied Benefits

Kratom Strains And Its Varied Benefits Kratom (Mitrayna speciose) is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia and is part of the coffee family. Unlike coffee strains that are high in caffeine and low in all other compounds, the variety of Kratom strains are significantly different from one another. For those new to Kratom, it is […]

Elev8 Your Wedding With Custom Glasses Made With Love

AN ELEV8ED WEDDING Are you special?  Well, for sure you are and you deserve that special wedding glass set that lets everyone know how special you are.  These Elev8 wedding glasses are handcrafted with love in Colorado Springs by me Steve Kelnhofer at the Elev8 Premier Glass Blowing Studio.  When you are toasting these cups […]

Increase Your Hunger and Feed Your Soul at the Same Time

Increase Your Hunger and Feed Your Soul at the Same Time “You can’t do anything productive with an empty stomach,” this is the phrase we all grew up listening to. Well, one thing is for sure that we live in a world where we get up every day and try to overcome new challenges. But […]

Top Marijuana Strains to Boost Your Gains

Can Cannabis Help You Gain Muscle Mass? “Are you insane?” The first thing you probably might hear if you tell someone that cannabis may help with muscle gains. Believe it or not, there are recent studies which support the claim made above. Who knows athletes might be even using marijuana strains already to enhance their […]

Microdosing With Cannabis: Benefits Without Being Stoned on Marijuana

Micro-dosing Cannabis Without Getting Stoned We are strong believers in microdosing with the strong belief less is more What is microdosing? Microdosing basically means taking a very small or microdose of cannabis to get the effects of THC or CBD.  These are the two main active ingredients in marijuana or cannabis.  The good news is that […]

Why Is Vaping Cannabis Not Mainstream, Yet??

Is Vaping Cannabis Mainstream, yet? Why is it that vaping cannabis is not mainstream like the ever-growing ECIG? I can’t understand why are we not vaping our medication. Everyone is looking for healthier choices and for tobacco, everyone turned to vaping but in the cannabis world, smoking is still the preferred choice…..blows my mind that […]

Can Medical Cannabis Relieve Pain?

Can Medical Cannabis Relieve Pain? Pain is a sign that all is not well in our body. Whether it is induced by an illness or an accident, pain is generally the reason people seek medical help. Often, pain can be excruciating i.e. cause intense suffering. The good news is that there are ways to relieve […]
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