Why Is Vaping Cannabis Not Mainstream, Yet??

Is Vaping Cannabis Mainstream, yet?

Why is it that vaping cannabis is not mainstream like the ever-growing ECIG?

I can’t understand why are we not vaping our medication. Everyone is looking for healthier choices and for tobacco, everyone turned to vaping but in the cannabis world, smoking is still the preferred choice…..blows my mind that people are just not switching to vaping! Is it that storefronts(headshops) are not educated in vaping? Is it cause they do not vape themselves?? To me it’s a no-brainer, it’s a healthier choice but you also benefit on savings as you will go further with the same amounts of cannabis, the effects are way better and the flavors are much much more defined in vaping.

Just for example when I switched to vaping I no longer had the ongoing dry cough, no more morning hacking, no more lingering smells, and best of all, more money in my pockets as my cannabis goes way further for medicating. Microdosing is also easier and more controllable, plus you can do it way more discreet! Ever try to be discreet with a joint? It’s basically impossible to hide the smell and everyone far and wide will notice it. With all the ECIGS  on the market and everyone using them, when vaping cannabis you basically just blend in unnoticed. Trust me if you have not made the switch cause of opinions from smokers, try it out and you will be switching!!

I believe that with more education and getting more vaporizers in consumers hands vaping cannabis should be as popular than the ever-growing ECIG.


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