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5 Foods That Multiply the Effect of Your High

5 Foods That Multiply the Effect of Your High Everyone needs to eat. Even the stoners have to fill their empty stomachs. Most of the people prefer to eat chips and other types of munchies when they’re under the influence of marijuana. How about trying to eat food that adds more fuel to cannabis strain […]

5 Best Cannabis Strains That Help Relieve Nausea & Vomiting

Though nausea is not life-threatening by any means, to experience that restless feeling at any time of the day is just extremely uncomfortable. However, vomiting can take all the necessary nutrients out of your body and disrupt your daily routines. So, if you’ve been experiencing such bouts of nausea lately, then this article is for […]

4 Marijuana Strains That Have Amazingly Unique Effects

  With each passing day, the cannabis world is expanding. All the variety that gets introduced almost every day makes it even more confusing for you to determine which cannabis strain will have the desired effects on you. For instance, you smoked a marijuana joint and you started to feel drowsy and tired, but instead, […]

Interview with Josh the Creator of RAW Rolling Papers

Here we get to meet the inventor and founder of RAW rolling papers. Rolling threw CHAMPS we come across one of the coolest cats in the industry Josh Kesselman.  In 1993 Josh started in this industry with HBI.  Around 2004 ish RAW as started. At an early age, Josh fell in love with the industry.  Back […]

Microdosing With Cannabis: Benefits Without Being Stoned on Marijuana

Micro-dosing Cannabis Without Getting Stoned We are strong believers in microdosing with the strong belief less is more What is microdosing? Microdosing basically means taking a very small or microdose of cannabis to get the effects of THC or CBD.  These are the two main active ingredients in marijuana or cannabis.  The good news is that […]

420: The Origin Story of the Cannabis Culture Holiday

Everybody who smokes the cannabis plant or not knows about the fact the 20th of April or 4/20 is considered to be the national holiday for all of the people in the cannabis culture. The thing is that even though everybody knows about 420 and what it represents, nobody is really sure about why or […]

NFL Athlete Wears Cannabis Support Cleats

NFL Athlete Wears Cannabis Support Cleats Popular personalities in the world of business, entertainment and sports are influential figures for the world over. The causes that they support and spread awareness about reaches the masses. Some celebrities and sports personalities take it upon themselves as a duty to promote the causes they feel should be […]

Super Blue Blood Moon Oh My

Super Blue Blood Moon Today is one of those days you find out that has not happened in a long long time.  A day or say night like this has not happened since 1866, man that is a long time ago.  That’s 150 years ago the last time this happened in the western hemisphere. Watching this go […]

Linebacker Derrick Morgan shows support for cannabis with green cleats.

First Cannabis Athlete Wearing Cannabis Support Cleats It seem like the influence of cannabis is sneaking in everywhere one looks. Everyone, from all walks of life, is voting for the legalization, and everyone is enthusiastic about the herb. Truth be told, this is ideal for the cannabis community, since this means the proponents are getting […]

Space Dabs: First Vape in Space

Have you ever seen a vaporizer in space? Well, we hadn’t either! Until 7th Floor Vapes partnered with ELEV8 Presents, and we launched their SideKick Vaporizer, flowers, and some dabs to edge of space with a weather balloon. Check out the breathtaking footage in their video below:

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