4 Marijuana Strains That Have Amazingly Unique Effects


With each passing day, the cannabis world is expanding. All the variety that gets introduced almost every day makes it even more confusing for you to determine which cannabis strain will have the desired effects on you. For instance, you smoked a marijuana joint and you started to feel drowsy and tired, but instead, you wanted to boost up your energy levels by smoking that strain.

Thus, in this article, we’ll focus on marijuana’s alchemy to understand which marijuana strain produces what kind of unique effect when it’s smoked. Knowing what you’re rolling in that filter paper and smoking is going to help you get along with your day to day moods. So without wasting another line, let’s get down to the essence of this article.

1- Gorilla Glue – Gets You Wrecked

With a THC content as high as 30-35%, one wonders if there’s any limit to the abilities of this marijuana strain. Gorilla Glue #4 is adored by the stoners all across the globe. It has become sort of an international phenomenon. However, this is strictly for strong minds because Gorilla Glue sports psychoactive effects and a terrific couch locking feel. The stoner just gets transported to another realm of senses with the Glue’s earthy and pungent pine scents, losing all sense of reality.

2- Candyland – Makes You Very Creative

This Sativa dominant marijuana uplifts your spirit and stimulates your emotions and mind, leaving you suddenly feeling full of passion and creativity. People are said to have become fans of Candyland after just one smoke of this dried cannabis flower. The heavy energizing crystals in it that have strong sugar sweet and earthy aroma just get you in the right mood for writing lyrics, composing a song, or perhaps painting a portrait. People also love to smoke Candyland before they go out on photo shooting expeditions.

3- Madman OG – Gives You Those Late Night Laughing Fits

There’s nothing more tempting than getting into your bedtime PJs, snuggling in your bed, tuning into Netflix and laughing all your worries away with Madman OG before you go to sleep. This happens to be a perfect strain if you want to de-stress yourself before you fall asleep. Madman OG, with its overall coffee like scent and earthy undertones, helps you wake up in the morning in a pleasant mood, making you start your day with sensational positive energy.

4- Sonoma Coma – Makes You Empty Your Fridge!

If you ever feel that because of stress, tiredness or some sickness you’ve lost your appetite, spice your metabolism with some Sonoma Coma and then see what happens. This marijuana strain is not only going to put you in the best mood but will also make you feel hungry – famished in fact. Suddenly out of a strong craving for food, you’ll find yourself emptying your fridge. As a matter of fact, Sonoma Coma itself has a very appetizing and zesty taste with hints of sweet tropical fruitiness.

Now that you know what marijuana strains you must smoke to get into the desired mood, you can indulge yourself and spoil yourself a little by having a mind-blowing experience with the unique effects of these strains.

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