5 Foods That Multiply the Effect of Your High

5 Foods That Multiply the Effect of Your High

Everyone needs to eat. Even the stoners have to fill their empty stomachs. Most of the people prefer to eat chips and other types of munchies when they’re under the influence of marijuana. How about trying to eat food that adds more fuel to cannabis strain for a change?

Yes, that’s true. You can improve your high by eating various foods that will lead to some chemical reaction in your body and soon you’ll find yourself weightless, floating in the air. So let’s discover the five foods that you must try when you’re high.

1- Mangoes

Like cannabis, mangoes also contain terpenes. There’s one particular terpene in mangoes that goes by the name, myrcene. This naughty little terpene can not only speed up the cannabis strain but can also extend the time duration of your high by carrying the cannabinoids through your bloodstreams right to your brain that much faster and without fail.

All you have to do is to eat mangoes one hour before your smoking session. Now finally you understood why they call mangoes the king of all fruits.

2- Nuts

The edibles in marijuana can take a while to settle in, but if you want to speed up the process, then you should eat nuts while smoking marijuana.

See, these nuts contain a good amount of Omega 3 fatty acids which when reacting with cannabinoids, they aid them to pass through your blood-brain barrier in no time. With complementary fatty acids, you can enjoy the world around you, being high and stay high for a longer duration. The good news is that people who have heart problems can take this combination without the fear of cannabinoids slowing their heart rate because the healthy fats in nuts will protect your heart while you enjoy your life a little.

3- Herbs

Herbs like thyme, bay, and sage contain a good amount of terpene, pinene along with a natural bronchodilator that helps open up the passages in your lungs. This increases the cannabinoid absorption capacity.

As a result, cannabinoids are able to travel straight up to your head quickly, giving you a longer lasting high. Other herbs that contain terpene limonene, like lemongrass and lemon thyme, can reduce the negative side effects of cannabis.

Such herbs can be easily grown on a sunny windowsill even.

4- Tea

Both black and green teas contain catechin. It’s an antioxidant that upon combining with CB1 receptors in the brain tend to cause soothing feelings of relaxation. This is why when you consume tea in conjunction with cannabis, you feel your mood lightning up, stress decreasing and the feelings of euphoria increasing.

 5- Beer

And the best one of all is beer. The safest road to supreme ecstasy and elation is smoking marijuana once you’ve consumed several pints of beer.

This is indeed a powerful combination and it’s commonly known as getting “crossfaded” and “twisted”.

So, if you plan to get high the next weekend, make sure you eat the food and drink the drinks that improve your high, complement it and take you to a whole new level of excitement and joy. Who knew there were healthy foods to improve your high!

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