Cannabis: Grown For The Patient Or Profit?

Has Corporate Cannabis Greed Gone Too Far?

Do you ever stop to think what the hell you are consuming every now and then? This question is something that has been crossing my mind more and more as the cannabis industry keeps growing and demand is at its highest ever! So many companies are in it for money and not for patient benefits, so many are boosting and using less and less natural ingredients for faster and larger yields.

Is the cannabis industry opening the doors to a similar market as the beef and poultry industry! As they inject steroids and whatever they can to increase the yield and make the outcome product look better…….lets hopefully not fall into this direction with cannabis as the demand keeps growing and stocks get depleted faster then what they can produce.

I have been slowly doing more research and finding that the big LP is not the best choice when it comes to quality. The small mom and pop shops might not have the largest selection but the quality is far superior. Are we blinded by costs so much that we are willing to sacrifice our health? Yes making the choice to medicate with cannabis instead of the pharmaceuticals makes for a more expensive outcome, but we made that decision for our health right? So why are we still buying or accepting these bad practices that more and more, large money invested LP’s are choosing to do for money capital and return? 

Well, that was my ramble for the day, hope that this will make you take a step back and ask yourself how was this bud grown and dried?


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