4 Perfect Strains for Wake n Bakers

Rise and shine! For quite a lot of marijuana smokers out there, morning time is the best for rolling one up and smoking our favorite plant to start off the day. If you are one of the wake n bakers than boy are you in for a treat. These are the four perfect strains for individuals looking to wake n bake to start off their morning with a good mood and positive energy. Some are as powerful as a strong cup of coffee while others get your creative juices flowing. All absolutely perfect to start a long day of work.

1.     Chocolate Thai

This baby is a difficult strain of marijuana to find but if you can find this old school landrace marijuana, you’re going to get the best wake n bake experience in your life. The Chocolate Thai is a Sativa that has a powerful cerebral high and it is the perfect strain to wake n bake.

The THC content of the Chocolate Thai is at a relatively mild 15%. Unlike most other Sativas, its potency isn’t that high and that makes the Chocolate Thai the best marijuana to smoke in the morning to get you energized. The chocolaty undertones in its aroma make it perfect to go with a cup of coffee in the morning. What more could you ask for?

2.     Pineapple Express

Every marijuana smoker must have heard the name. Seth Rogen and James Franco’s film in 08 with the same name made this marijuana strain quite popular.

The Pineapple Express isn’t a strain that will blow your mind and leave you paralyzed or something. On the contrary, it is a well-balanced hybrid that’s got the perfect mix of Sativa and indica in its genetic making to keep it right on the fine line between energizing and relaxing.

The high you get from this baby will keep your mind focused, and at the same time, your body relaxed. Perfect to have right before breakfast with THC levels hitting 20%, it will get your appetite up and help you enjoy your breakfast.

3.     Green Crack

Looking for a more exciting and speedy high to start off your day? Smoking the Green Crack will do just about that for you. This strain of marijuana is perfect for wake n bakers looking to get an energetic start to the day.

It gives you a high where you will feel sociable and keep chatting for hours in good mood. Make sure you smoke this baby in moderation because it is a bit intense when it comes to wake n bake strains offering over 21 percent THC concentration levels.

4.     Super Sour Diesel

If you want to know what it feels like to be energetic in the morning with the force of a fast-moving locomotive, you should go for the Super Sour Diesel. You cannot consider yourself to be an experienced wake n baker unless you’ve added the super sour diesel to your portfolio of perfect strains of marijuana in the morning.

This Sativa is like a concentrated shot of espresso that acts just as fast as you take a hit. It’s best for wake n bakers looking for a psychoactive experience early in the morning – preferably someone who is in the creative field will find it most helpful to get their work day started. THC levels are up to 24 percent with the Super Sour Diesel.

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