Today, Rob reviews the Arizer Solo II portable vaporizer.

Arizer Solo II

The Solo II is a portable, dry herb convection vaporizer. Arizer has damn near hit this one out of the park with this portable vaporizer. The packaging feels quite sturdy, with some handy items inside. Once opened you find 2 stems, one long, one short. They have this glass screen with 4 tiny holes for air. This is very interesting, though I find if you grind your herb too fine, you will get some material in your mouth and inside the stem. So, I recommend a finger grind into the stem, not tightly packed, as not to impede the air flow.

They include a handy stirring tool which you will need to stir your material midway through your session to extract all the goodness. This brings me to one, of the few points of contention with this vape. After you have loaded the steam and warmed up your heating element, you will have to turn the main body upside down or angle it. So that when you insert the stem you do not lose any material. I also find that after the first round, if I am going to use the other stem that I have preloaded, switching isn’t too bad. But, if you touch the end of that stem it will be quite hot. You will need to allow that to cool down just a bit.


Arizer also includes a pouch that can easily clip to your belt or pocket for portability. If you have preloaded the stems for travel, they include a cap for the stems, someone could fairly easily recognize what’s in them, as they are not discreet.

This guy is definitely a session vape. The settings are adjustable in increments between 5-15 minutes when the vape will shut off after that. The temperature settings range from 122-428 degrees Fahrenheit for the connoisseur to find their perfect temperature. The Arizer Solo II also has other variable settings for the audible beep and brightness. The setting menu is on point!

Once you have all of your parts assemble and are ready to use your Solo II. Sit down, sit back, and relax. Hit and hold the M and UP buttons simultaneously to activate the countdown to some good convection vaping. A full charge does provide 20+ sessions of vaping, lasting nearly a full three hours of run time. To achieve a full charge you will need to plug it in for three hours.

Coming in at $240 this could be out of reach for some beginners., but I think for what it does, the price is acceptable.

Be Kind, Be Courteous, Be ELEV8D,


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