Accessory Review: Resoniate Glass Cleaner

Today, Maddy reviews Resinate brand glass rig cleaner. Will it stand up to the test?

Resinate Glass Cleaner

Hey, this is Maddy from ELEV8 Presents here with another product for all my ELEV8 elite crew! One of my biggest pet peeves is a dirty rig and those hard to reach resin stains on my glass, remedying this conundrum can be exhausting… until now!

I introduce to you Resinate an abrasive alcohol-free formula to clean, sterilize and disinfect on contact. It can clean any glass, Pyrex, metal or ceramic items. Resinate doesn’t waste any time getting down to business making your piece shine and pop like you just picked it off the shelf. It’s easy to use and guidelines allow a swift and effortless clean that you have never experienced before.

Most bongs take multiple attempts to get that perfectly clean, but with Resinate, you achieve that almost instantaneously. This unique formula streamlines the lengthy process of cleaning and detailing your most resin filled daily drivers. No longer will clogged bowls be a problem! Just one smidge of resinate and some Tidy Tips and you will have the cleanest bowl around! Don’t let resin stick around and ruin your flavor, retract it with Resinate. No longer will you be embarrassed to show off your glass in front of your friends, they’re all going to be asking how you keep your rig looking so pristine and impeccable!

You can find Resinate from the video at

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