Cannabis Strain Review: Kimbo Kush by The Chronic Boutique

Today, we review the strain Kimbo Kush by The Chronic Boutique.

Kimbo Kush by The Chronic Boutique

I have reviewed this strain before, and we decided to do it again from another grower here in Colorado. Kimbo Kush has some strong, Indica dominant lineage that delivers a serious uppercut of “f@ck it”, that ruined the rest of my day. So smoker beware, this POT is super STRONG. 

This super indica dominant strain has some serious lineage and highly sought after benefits. Kimbo Kush generally tests quite high in THC and carries some amazing medicinal benefits. This fruity and bold lineage creates a berry and pine tornado that was quite pungent and earthy. The color was this amazing sage green with little orange hairs crawling all over its dense nugs. This strain leans more towards the Kush side, with heavy sedating indica properties that are noticed more and more with every puff. I felt very relaxed and unmotivated within just a few puffs. I wish the smell was a little stronger, as I expected it to have that “LOUD” smell. I like it when my weed smells worse than a fine cheese. Although the smell wasn’t all there, it was soon forgotten because I was super friggin baked.

With incredible Kush properties and fruity notes from the Starfighter, this strain will always be a favorite. I felt a relief in pain almost instantly, or I was just too high to remember it was there, so I recommend this to anyone looking for pain relief by using cannabis.  7/8 HIGHly Recommended

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