Cannabigerolic Acid Monomethyl Ether

Cannabigerolic Acid Monomethyl Ether

Back in 1975, scientist first time discovered CBG – Cannabigerol as one of the constituents of hashish. Researchers also found that Cannabigerolic Acid – CBGA is the primary cannabinoid that is formed in the cannabis plant. From there and by the action of enzymes, CBGA gets transformed into CBDA, THCA or CBCA.

In fact, the ability to generate CBGA – Cannabigerolic acid is what makes famous cannabis plant quite unique.

Cannabis is referred to as the mother plant of hundreds of compounds. Each of these compounds is considered to have distinctive properties including therapeutic properties. So far, different researchers and studies have discovered different compound yet there are many compounds that are left to be completely discovered or explored.

The original cannabinoids that include Cannabidiolic acid – CBDA, Δ2-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid – THCA, cannabichromenic acid – CBCA and another new component called Cannabigerolic acid Monomethyl ether – CBGAM are isolated using a simple column technique called chromatographic, from the clean cannabis of the domestic strain.

Chemical Information of Cannabigerolic Acid Monomethyl Ether

So far there is not much research or information available about Cannabigerolic Acid Monomethyl Ether. However, following is the chemical information of CBGAM;

Molecular Formula – C23H34O4

Molecular Weight – 374.521 g/mol

Since Cannabigerolic acid Monomethyl ether belongs to Cannabigerolic category, there is a chance that CBGAM might contain some of the therapeutic or medicinal properties associated with CBG.

Even though the research in terms of specific cannabinoid CBG and its effects are still limited, restrictions associated with the testing of this plant make it more difficult to search volumes of quality and meaningful research with regards to Cannabigerol – CBG.

As per one of the Italian study that was published in the edition of Biological Psychology – May 2013, CBG – Cannabigerol contain strong anti-inflammatory properties and is capable of benefiting patients with IBD – inflammatory bowel disease.

It is also helpful in treating glaucoma as Cannabigerol has the potential to increase the drainage of fluid from the eye while reducing the pressure amount. Not to mention, the unique cannabinoid is also found to contain anti-depressant qualities while inhibiting the growth of the tumor.

Cannabigerolic Acid Monomethyl Ether is Not Well Studied

As stated earlier, due to psychoactive effects of marijuana, there is a limitation in conducting the research. This makes it difficult to explore different compounds and their relative medicinal properties to treat different symptoms.

Not only CBGAM but Cannabigerolic acid is also in its initial stages of research and development of cannabinoids. However, it is established that it has its own advantages when smoked. Indeed, there is a lot that needs to be explored.

The legalization debate of marijuana is causing much delay in conducting proper research of this unique plant. Cannabis is one of the most medicinally effective plants that are famous for its unique properties and composition.

Almost every compound present in the cannabis plant is known to contain distinctive properties that are also beneficial for the human body. When it comes down to Cannabigerolic Acid Monomethyl Ether, let’s hope to have some more research and exploration to fully understand the compound and its effect.

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