Cannabinol (CBN) – What You Need to Know

Cannabinol – What You Need to Know

Cannabinol is known as the cannabinoid that makes a person feel lazy. In this post, let us have a look at how Cannabinol interacts with various other cannabinoid and some of its effects.

Understanding CBN

Cannabinol or CBN is the cannabinoid that produces naturally in the cannabis plant gradually with time. Cannabinol is produced in two distinctive ways. That is, either THCA breaks down and convert into THC and then Cannabinol, or THCA converts into CBNA that is followed by CBN. Most of the present cannabinoid are usually formed from an acidic precursor, the majority of CBN is produced from degradation of THC.

For an average smoker, understanding the different manners in which cannabinoid are formed might not be necessary, for researchers this information plays an important role in recognizing CBN and the whole cannabis plant.  Majorly, it helps us learn that THC breaks down, naturally, into CBN with the passage of time. It occurs when THC is exposed to heat, oxygen and UV light.

If we talk about the chemical structure of CBN we will notice that it slightly differs from the THC. In other words, THC breaks down and converts into CBN with the passage of time so we can get an estimate; how old such cannabis plant is simply by measuring the present CBN levels.

It doesn’t mean that CBN can tell you the exact bud age, but it is assumed that older cannabis strains relatively have higher levels of CBN.

When cannabis isn’t cured properly, a large amount of THC degrades into CBN. In fact, a cured bud which has a high level of CBN is usually considered to have less quality.

Effects of CBN

As per some research studies, cannabinol is non-psychotropic. Also, there are some studies which show that cannabinol is just less psychoactive in comparison to THC. In fact, not more than just 10% potent. But what we know certainly is that cannabinol is definitely highly sedative.

Some Cannabinoid that also includes CBN is shown to contain antibacterial properties. This makes it a really good ingredient in terms of topical products.

If you are curious about the toxicity of Cannabinoid like CBN then you can be assured that it is highly safe. It is no surprise that this cannabinoid – CBN contain pain relieving characteristics. This is because CBN has body-numbing sensations. As per one of the researchers, it is discovered that CBN and THC activate capsaicin-sensitive nerves.

These are free of the properties of CB1/CB2 activation. This mechanism might or might not relate to their other analgesic properties.

CBN has the tendency to mimic the same kind of effects that are caused by capsaicin in some foods like the chili peppers. Have you ever noticed how touching hot pepper can feel like being numb in a particular area? CBN has the same tendency to mimic this kind of sensation in the entire body and make your body to experience a bit number.

What lies more in CBN and its effects will be discovered with more research as there is still a lot to be known about this unique cannabinoid.

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