Hashtags & Best Uses For Elev8 Dolls

The importance of hashtags and best uses for hashtags

Hashtags are the way social media and somewhat the internet tracks trends and ideas.  The hashtag is basically a folder for a collective of ideas.  For example, if you were to put #Elev8Dolls into your google search, #Elev8Dolls  will show up with relevant topics, but more importantly, will show you the social media choices that have been using the hashtags. There will be certain hashtags that are required to use, however, we don’t mind if you use other tags. Be as eloquent as you want and have fun. 

For this example, we will use Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to show you how it looks. Try this with any tag you could think of and see how many are already posting there.  Generally, we want to use tags that are trending and those relevant to the post. When a tag has too many random posts it becomes muddied up and harder to be found.  Below you will see why we don’t recommend using Elev8 as a tag. 

Try not to muddy or dilute your tags.  There is no need to use more than 10 tags.  If you use more you start to put your ideas in folders that may not be a proper fit.  People try this to get “their” post seen by more, and while it goes in that “folder” it just makes that “folder” muddy.

The at sign is most commonly found in email addresses and on social media, where it is used to tag specific users in posts.”

Without the @ sign the person or place is not notified that they are being tagged in the post. So remember the importance of each symbol when they are being used in order to use them properly.  

The @ sign is used to notify the other party that they have been mentioned in your post, it shows some love.  So for example, when you are at one of your favorite stores and want to tag yourself there it would look like this. :

“Two beautiful #Elev8dolls, @kimberly and @jasmine  enjoying a day shopping @elev8glassgallery”

“#Elev8dolls on the move again, check our bath bombs out in your local @7eleven to #Elev8yourlife ”

“Pikes Peak from the top with @josephine my favorite #elev8dolls whom I would love to nominate for #elev8wings.  As a special education teacher, she gives all her love to the students all day long. When her day is over she comes home and cares for her family, just to begin again the next day.”  

Below are samples of the above-mentioned searches. 

Muddied or nonrelevant hashtag


Google Searches






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