Cannabigerovarinic Acid and its Effects

Cannabigerovarinic Acid and its Effects

By now you must have been familiar with cannabis and have known Tetrahydrocannabinol – THC and Cannabidiol CBD. You must know their effects and properties. But just like them, there are also many other and similar compounds present in cannabis.

One of this lesser-known cannabinoid is known as cannabigerol – CBG. Cannabigerol is further divided into different compounds including some acidic compounds. While cannabigerol is not present in cannabis is large quantities, it is indeed a distinctive compound that has many medicinal benefits.


Understanding CBG and CBGVA

CBG is a very non-intoxicating cannabinoid. Unlike THC it does not produce any kind of ‘highs’. The CBG is present in less than 1% amount in most cannabis strains and is considered as a minor cannabinoid. To your surprise, CBD and THC start out like CBG. In fact, CBG is the chemical parent of CBD and THC. Cannabigerolic acid – CBGA is produced by Cannabis Plant. CBGA is the precursor to the main three cannabinoid lines known as cannabidiolic acid – CBDA, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid – THCA, and cannabichromenic acid – CBCA.

Just like different compounds of the cannabis plant are produced by going through different processes, similarly, Cannabigerovarinic Acid is also produced in the same manner.

The compound has the molecular formula C20H28O4. It has the molecular weight of 3332.44 g/mol.

So far there is not much information available in terms of Cannabigerovarinic Acid – CBGVA. As we know about the ongoing debate of cannabis plant all over the world, this results in limited research and studies with regards to different compounds present in this unique plant.

The medicinal benefits of CBGVA are yet to be discovered and hopefully, in the near future, we will be able to know more about these distinctive compounds which are not only rare but also least likely to be present in other plants.

But we do know some promising medicinal benefits of CBG. Since CBGVA is also one of the produced acids of CBD thus we can say that it might possess similar benefits as that of CBG.

Medicinal Benefits of CBG

Following are some proven medicinal benefits of CBG.

CBG is found to have very lasting effects when it comes to reducing or eliminating inflammation with regards to inflammatory bowel disease. A recent study was conducted back in 2015, which showed that CBG has the potential to protect neurons with Huntington’s disease in mice. This was characterized by degeneration of nerve cells in the brain.

Amazingly, CBG also shows very promising results when it comes to fighting off cancer. Particularly, CBG is shown to restrict receptors that result in the growth of cancer cells. Considering one of these studies, it showed to restrict or inhibit the colorectal cancer cells’ growth in mice. Thus it helped in slowing down the growth of colon cancer.

Since CBG has shown results in inhibiting tumors as well as chemically-induced colon cancer growth, this means it CBG has quite exciting possibilities for curing colorectal cancer.

Looking at these promising medicinal benefits of CBG, it can be concluded that CBGVA might also possess similar medicinal benefits. Indeed, we still need to perform research work to be sure of that.

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