Vaporizer Review: Magic Flight Launch Box

Today, Rob reviews the Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer.

Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box, out of the box, if very interesting. It is a convection vape, that uses rechargeable batteries to heat the trench. This little guy is very analog feeling. It does take some technique to get a proper draw but once you have that down, you will be good to start your countdown. In the package, it comes with a glass stem, brush, 2 batteries, and a charging dock, along with instructions. The Magic Flight Launch Box has a lifetime functional warranty, where they will replace it even if the damage to the screen is your fault.

The body is made of wood with more than a few options to chose from. There are two metal rods that make contact with the battery. The trench is a metal screen, holds about 0.2 g of finely ground material. You can use less if you want. For this vape, your herb is meant to be loose and not packed down.

Initially, when using the Launch Box it will take you a few trenches or packs to get the technique down. You can use a very slow and steady draw, but that is not the only way to use the MFLB.  You can use a sipping technique. I find that letting it heat up for 4-5 seconds taking a small one-second puff, waiting for a second or two to allow the heat and vapor to build back up and taking another, do this 5-6 times and you are sure to have an awesome lift off, pun intended. With this, you have to be extremely careful as you can and will combust your material and that does not taste good. #fuckcombustion I like to give it a little shake after a few pulls to make sure the herb is evenly roasted.

The vapor production for this device is actually quite surprising. Once you are familiar with it and can operate it effectively, not only will you get an amazing flavor, but also some decent clouds. Cleaning the MFLB is a breeze! After use, just make sure to brush out the trench and your box will stay fresh for your next sesh.

Magic Flight offers a slew of accessories that I sure to improve your experience, such as the power adapter (no more batteries), and various water pipe adapters. If you so choose, you can take off the glass stem and hit the LB all natural, drawing right from the box. This leads to the portability and discreetness of the MFLB.

Coming in at $120 having this in your rotation is a no-brainer.

The Magic Flight Launch Box and more can be found at

Magic Flight Launch Box

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