Cannabis Strain Review: Kandy Kush

Today, Alex review’s the super indica cross, Kandy Kush. Will it live up to its parents, Trainwreck and OG Kush’s effects? Find out!

Kandy Kush by Grow Life 719

Kandy Kush has some of my favorite genetics all wrapped up into one beautiful cannabis strain. This medicine, grown by Grow Life 719, is a super indica cross of Trainwreck x OG Kush. If you have never had Train Wreck before, get your hands on some. Its effects live up to its name.

This strain tested in at 22.7% THC and just like any other OG Kush cross it carried many of those characteristics in Kandy Kush. Any OG Kush cross, in my opinion, will always have those flavor notes and nug structure. But this particular strain looks like Train Wreck nugs and the flavors of that beautiful OG Kush. The breeders, DNA genetics, wanted to provide a medicine that combined all the medical benefits of OG Kush and the resin production of Train Wreck. Great job, guys!

Each phenotype is different, but it seems that the flavor profile with this strain is pretty consistent. I have had a few different samples of this strain, and well, it seems to have the same sweet, earthy and piney terpenes profile. The flavors and aromas were amazing. Kandy Kush tasted like a fresh bowl of cereal. It almost tasted just like one of those cereal bars, you know, the ones that have the milk in it. Super tasty!

This strain definitely has a large amount of resin. It vaped extraordinarily well, over 15 vape hits! I generally do not like to smoke too many bowls, but for the sake of science, I bit the metaphorical bullet. Wow, it tasted sooo good; even with a shitty BIC lighter. The ash was a beautiful white with no impurities. Great job Grow Life! ***

Final Thoughts

All in all, Kandy Kush is always a “YES” in my book. Amazing medical benefits from the Kush genetics and great looking buds from the father, Trainwreck. This strain is made for people who suffer from depression or need to battle insomnia. It starts as a slow, euphoric cerebral high, but reader beware, it will knock you on your ass. This slight cerebral high will turn into a super lazy, relaxed, heavy body high. I would recommend any amateur consumer to only use this strain in the evening when you have no real responsibilities or tasks, other than to eat everything. HIGHLY Recommended 7.2/8

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***SIDE NOTE: we usually use hemp wick in our reviews.***

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