Cannabis Strain Review: Trap Star from Garden of the Budz

Today, we review the cannabis strain Trap Star by Garden of the Budz.

Trap Star

Trap Star is a strain bred by Exotic Genetix and grown by Garden of the Budz in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This cannabis strain is a cross between LA OG Kush x The Cube, and right from the gate, this strain has some potent aromas and amazing looking buds. This strain was tested at 22.71% THC, which surely packed a punch when it came to the effects. This strain was covered in purple hues all over and had an amazing trichome structure. I knew I was in for a treat as soon as I took my first vape hit.

During the roasting process, the flavor really developed. In the words of Yoda, “Pinene-a is strong with this one.” This strain was very gassy and had some flavor of pine. As the roast went on, flavors of tart Washington Cherries developed. The roasting process through the vaporizer was definitely a great treat because it allowed the flavors to really advanced.

This heavy Indica was a delightfully pleasant floral bouquet of cannabis terpenes. Its effect was mildly sedative and created a “fog” around my thought processes. This cannabis is widely known to produce heavy yields, amazing terpene profiles, and even more stellar effects. Great job with this one Garden of the Budz. You always provide amazing medicine for the patients of Colorado. Stay ELEV8D: Trap Star 6.8/8

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