4 of the Best Indica Dominant Hybrids in 2018

4 of the Best Indica Dominant Hybrids in 2018

With THC numbers increasing every year, it seems that our favorite plant to smoke is getting better and better for our consumption. It’s 2018 and we’ve advanced marijuana technology to the extent that we are now capable of producing hybrids that take us up to the stratosphere faster than we can figure out how to spell the word. There are plenty of new indica dominant hybrids out there every year. Here is a list that happens to have some of the best indica dominant hybrids of the marijuana plant to look forward to this year.

1.     The Irish Cream

This indica dominant hybrid does nothing that its name might suggest. It is not Irish and there is no cream involved but what this indica dominant hybrid does do is that it gives you a heavy and smooth body high. The aroma of this marijuana strain is earthy and sweet. With highs that last for hours on end, it will make you feel like you’re melting into yourself in the most relaxed way possible. With THC numbers hitting north of 27 percent, the indica dominant hybrid will get you high like a kite – one that’s got its string attached to a Mars mission rocket booster.

2.     White Tahoe Cookies

This marijuana strain is an indica dominant hybrid which has a bit of the white, the Girl Scout Cookies and the Tahoe OG. It is the perfect strain to calm you down with a strong body high that gives you a calming experience. The aroma it has is of a skunkier taste in a combination with citrus like flavors. Another marijuana strain that has THC levels just above 27 percent, it is another one of the strongest indica dominant hybrids to look out for in 2018.

3.     Cherry Pie

An indica dominant hybrid resulting from being a love child of the Durban Poison and the Grandaddy Purple, this marijuana strain has quite a calming high when you smoke it. With flavors that come in a combination of berry aromas mixed with undertones of fruity smells, its high gets you feeling all giddy inside. The marijuana strain has THC levels going up to 21 percent and the high you get keeps you sociable yet significantly calm. It’s perfect for enjoying the best of both Sativa and indica highs.

4.     Snoop’s Dream


The last one on the list and we’ve saved the best for last.

This list would not have been complete without the inclusion of Snoop’s Dream. This indica dominant hybrid is named after the one man after Bob Marley who can be labeled as the Godfather of all things marijuana and is a favorite among marijuana smokers all over the world. It’s a hybrid of Master Kush and the Blue Dream and it lives up to the ‘high’ expectations you can have of it because of its name. It’s not something for beginners with this baby going up in THC levels as high as 25 percent. The high is quite potent and lasts for hours. It’s a proper cerebral high that will leave the beginner feeling as if in a vegetative state.

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