Vape Reviews: Puffco Plus

Puffco Plus Concentrates Vaporizer Pen

Final Review

The Puffco Plus is a conduction heating, ceramic chamber, designed to be used specifically with concentrates.

The sleek design, ease of use, and multi-heat settings allow you to customize your use with the Plus. The dart is handy when loading this pen, however, can break if dropped so great care needs to be taken.

The efficiency of the pen is fairly decent, it will use what you place in the chamber, as the entire chamber is heated. Now, heating the entire chamber does use more energy, so using on a lower setting will help stretch the battery life.

The quick charge time (approx. 30-45 min) and excellent battery life (25+ draws on the lower setting) of the plus make this a go-to for any on the moving consumer.

The cleaning of the chambers (2 provided) is a key detractor for this vape. If you do not take proper care and clean regularly (every few uses) the air paths will get clogged and you will see a decrease in efficiency. You will never be able to return them to the original condition, even after using plenty of 91% iso and scrubbing.

The chamber element will be quite warm after a few pulls and you have to make sure to keep the pen in a vertical and upright resting state when not in use. This is to prevent oil from running out the device or obstructing airflow.

Those who value discretion and quick tokes will undoubtedly find this pen appealing. For a retail price right around $100, it is easy to get into. Even though you are restricted to using only wax and shatter products this pens discreteness will still provide you with what you are looking for from a concentrate pen.

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