CBEA-A – Cannabielsoin Acid A is yet to be discovered

CBEA-A – Cannabielsoin Acid A is yet to be discovered

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Cannabielsoic acid A – CBEA-A is the compound type of Cannabinoid – CBE. The pharmacological benefits of the compound are not yet known. There is no adequate research work on this compound, specifically, to ascertain its distinctive medicinal benefits, properties or effects on the human body.

Even though we now know hundreds of cannabinoids. We have been a lot of research work lately to know each of these compounds at a much deeper level, but there is still very less known about the unique plant – Cannabis Sativa.

There are many compounds which are known for their effects in relation to other compounds and not individually. One of these compounds is the Cannabielsoin acid A, also referred to as the CBEA-A. The two tricyclic dihydrobenzofuran cannabinoids known as Cannabielsoic acids A and Cannabielsoic acid B are isolated from hashish.

The chemical structures of these compounds were elucidated from spectral data and by chemical transformations. There is a whole formation mechanism of Cannabielsoic acid A. it is synthesized by an oxidative cyclization from spectral acid in the air presence under irradiation or using manganese oxide.

In other words, the two tricyclic dihydrobenzofuan cannabinoids are isolated and one of these is synthesized using an intramolecular photo-oxidative cyclisation that involves an attack by the phenoxy-group as well as molecular oxygen on the double bond.

Chemical Structure of CBEA – Cannabielsoic acid A

The cannabinoid compound has the chemical formula of C22H30O5. It has the molecular weight of 374.4706 g/mol.

The chemical structure of Cannabielsoic acid A molecule involves the atoms arrangement and the chemical bonds that keep and hold atoms together. The molecule of Cannabielsoic acid A contains a total of 59 bonds.

In the complete one molecule of Cannabielsoic acid A, there are around 29 non-H bonds, 6 rotatable bonds, 8 multiple bonds, 6 aromatic bonds, 2 double bonds, 2 six-membered rings, 1 five-membered rings, 1 carboxylic acid(s) – aromatic, 2 nine-membered ring, 2 hydroxyl groups, 1 tertiary alcohols, 1 aromatic hydroxyl and 1 ether – aromatic.

If you look at the 2D chemical structure of Cannabielsoic acid A, it is also known as a skeletal formula. This is the standard notation in terms of organic molecules. The carbon atoms present in the Cannabielsoic acid A chemical structure are implied to be present at the corners.

The hydrogen atoms linked to carbon atoms are not indicated. In other words, each carbon atom is required to be associated with sufficient hydrogen atoms to offer the carbon atom with 4 bonds.

We do have all the chemical and molecular information about Cannabielsoic Acid A but we still lack a lot of information about the compound. We haven’t done the required research to know the medicinal effects of the compound on the human body just like other compounds present in the cannabis.

There is a good chance that this compound also holds some unique properties that are yet to be explored. The cannabis sativa is a unique plant and there is a lot to be known yet.

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