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What is Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa: A Comparison and Clarification.

Cannabis Indica and Sativa: A Comparison and Clarification. By William Mills It’s reasonable to assume that in this day and age of Cannabis legalization that most consumers are aware of the two major types of Cannabis available today: Indica and Sativa. However, there is a huge misconception about what these terms mean and what they […]


What is the meaning of Crow? A word commonly used to describe very nice cannabis bud; More on Crow This term is rarely used and the term dank means the same but is used way more in the industry.


What does Cymes mean? Cymes refer to a cluster of plants that produce a new flower from the end of each growing part. In these plants, the oldest flowers are normally found at the top, while newer growths tend to emerge from the plant’s side shoots. Cymes such as the Geranium Pratense belong to the family of […]


What does Cuttings mean? In horticulture, cuttings are the pieces of a plant that a gardener takes intentionally to create clones of the parent plant in which the cuttings were taken. Cuttings are largely stems, but leaves and roots can also be taken as cuttings in order to propagate new plants. A common propagation method, taking cuttings […]

Cutting Propagation

What does Cutting Propagation mean? Cutting propagation is growing a plant from a stem or root, that has been cut from another plant. Stem cuttings are the most common and easiest method of propagating woody ornamental landscape plants. Almost every landscape favorite can be propagated by cutting propagation. Trees are typically more difficult to propagate, but some […]


What does Cuticle mean? A cuticle is a thin film covering the surface of plants and derived from the outer surfaces of epidermal cells. Cuticles are the outer protective and supportive layer of the epidermis of a plant. More Info The cuticle is made of the pliable, but strong hyaline film; hyaline is the most common of […]

Cut Flowers

What does Cut Flowers mean? As the name suggests, a cut flower is a flower or bud that is cut from its bearing plant. Cut flowers are mainly used for decorative purposes and florists enjoy the economic benefits of cut flowers. Since cut flowers are a global industry there are dedicated individuals or companies in various countries […]

Curtain Wall

What does Curtain Wall mean? A curtain wall is part of a greenhouse. As the term suggests, it acts as an external curtain to ensure overall management of the greenhouse. There are fabric, plastic, glass, and aluminum curtain wall options available for greenhouse operators. Curtain walls are also known as shades, blankets, and screens. Curtain walls are […]


What does Curing mean? Curing encompasses a variety of food preservation and flavoring methods, especially for foods like meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. In horticulture in particular, curing is a process that involves drying the moisture out of plant material. Many plants are cured, such as hemp, sagebrush, bay leaves, tea leaves, and tobacco. Historically, plants were […]


What does Culture mean? In biology, culture refers to the cultivation of microorganisms and the reproduction of bacteria, tissues, and cells. More Info Microorganism culture growth can occur rapidly when given the proper temperatures and conditions. An algae outbreak on a lake during warm weather is an example of how rapidly microorganisms can reproduce. The warm temperatures […]
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