CBLV – Cannabicyclolvarin and Cannabis

Wha Is CBLV – Cannabicyclolvarin and Cannabis

The cannabis plant is hearty and famous. It is usually grown up to 18 feet high. If you have been driving on driveways and roadsides, you must have seen cannabis plant popped up alongside and from stray seeds.

The stems of marijuana are thin. It has thin jagged leaves that can branch into seven fingers. The flowers of the cannabis plant are greenish, small and usually grow in clusters.

The slang terms for the Cannabis plant portions is called Marijuana. It is the oldest psychoactive substances that man has been using. You may have also heard the terms weed, pot, ganja, Mary Jane and some other slang names. All of these terms are used to refer to marijuana. Marijuana is made of Cannabis plant that has 3 species called Cannabis indicia, Cannabis sativa, and Cannabis ruderalis.

The plant was first cultivated in India and China. Cannabis is known to have many sets of compounds.

There is an ongoing research in terms of these compounds. Some of these compounds show great medicinal potential and show evidence to treat various medical conditions.

Indeed, there are some compounds we know very little about. One of these includes Cannabicyclolvarin – CBLV.

Cannabicyclolvarin – CBLV

The cannabinoid was first perceived by combined gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in the year 1972.

Later on, CBLV was isolated as optically colorless and inactive needles. The structure of CBLV was obtained by CBCV-C3 irradiation and confirmed by comparison with CBLV-C3 synthetic.

Cannabinoids having suffix-varin

These cannabinoids quite differ from common cannabinoids in terms of length. They replace the 5 carbon chain with that of 3 carbon chain. Generally, these cannabinoids are usually found in fewer amounts when we talk about hemp oils.

Some of these cannabinoids include;

  • Cannabivarin – CBV


  • Tetrahydrocannabivarin – THCV
  • Cannabidivarin – CBDV
  • Cannabichomevarin – CBCV
  • Cannabigerovarin – CBGV
  • Cannabicyclovarin – CBLV
  • Cannabidivarin – CBVD
  • Cannabitriolvarin – CBTV

A cannabinoid is the class of diverse and potential chemical compounds which acts on different cannabinoid receptors in human cells. It results in the alteration of neurotransmitter release in the human brain.

Cannabis plant may exhibit a range of variation in the type and quantity of cannabinoid they produce. However, not every compound is completely researched to reveal the specific medical benefits attached to it.

However, if we speak of medical marijuana, it can increase appetite, soothe nausea, quiet pain, release anxiety and even reduce epileptic seizure. While cannabis has its own medicinal benefits for us, the legalization of the drug in different countries is still a controversy.

The drug is being prescribed for various medical reasons but the use remains controversial. It is categorized as Class I controlled substance, making it illegal considering the federal law. However, many arguments in favor of marijuana include;

  • It’s being a lot safer than drinking alcohol that is legal
  • The medicinal benefits of marijuana give a natural and safe treatment to treat multiple chronic pain
  • It cut down the symptoms of various medical illnesses like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Regardless, which side you fall on, cannabis is a distinctive plant. It contains hundreds of potential compounds, the effects of which are yet to be revealed.

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