P-Cymene – 351 and Its Uses

P-Cymene – 351 and Its Uses

p-Cymene is also an essential oil that is found in oregano, cumin, coriander, cannabis, and thyme. The high concentrations of this terpene may usually lead to headaches, nausea, agitation and the loss of consciousness. The terpene is used for various purposes. It is a major ingredient in various essential oils. It is used in its original form but in very low concentrations. This helps to avail its great benefits such as antimicrobial or as a fragrance.

The concentration of p-Cymene is low in cannabis that allows it to be highly safe for the consumption. In terms of odor, this terpene produces a more of an orange or carrot odor. It has various benefits similar to other terpenes. It offers antifungal, antimicrobial and Aches inhibiting properties.

This inhibition of Ache is responsible to prolong the time period of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. Thus, this neurotransmitter may lower the blood pressure simply by inhabitation our cardiac muscle to contract. Another use of this is the during the eye surgery. This helps to contract the eye muscles while constricting the muscle.

The Consumption of p-Cymene

p-Cymene is also used in the flavoring of cakes, beverages, confectionery and in fragrances. However, the intake of the compound in higher concentration may also cause some issues, particularly to your skin.

The high intake of the compound could cause blistering. It may also be irritant to the skin; anyone who ingests the compound in high concentrations may face severe nausea as well as burning sensation in the skin, throat, mouth, giddiness, and headaches and to mention the worse, it may even lead to coma or loss of consciousness.

p-Cymene is a compound that occurs naturally and is an aromatic organic compound. It is related to monoterpene and is classified as the alkylbenzene. The p-Cymene structure comprises of a benzene ring that is Para-substituted with a more methyl group as well as isopropyl group. P-Cymene is miscible with organic solvents and insoluble in water.


Related Compounds

As stated earlier, p-Cymene is the constituent of various essential oils. Among them, the most common essential oil is of thyme and cumin.

Another essential oil that contains p-Cymene is cardamom. It is very versatile and healthy oil and is helpful to concentrate most of the cardamom benefits. Some of the great benefits of cardamom essential oil, containing p-Cymene include;

  • It helps to relieve cold and flu
  • Cardamom works as the best mouth freshener
  • It helps in the proper blood circulation and has a quite warming effect on the human body
  • Cardamom helps to awaken the body and boost the energy levels
  • It has antispasmodic properties that significantly help to calm the spasms related to a cough and PMS

Nonetheless, all of these are just some of the benefits of using p-Cymene. It is a famous terpene when it comes to its consumption in different industries.

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