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What is Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa: A Comparison and Clarification.

Cannabis Indica and Sativa: A Comparison and Clarification. By William Mills It’s reasonable to assume that in this day and age of Cannabis legalization that most consumers are aware of the two major types of Cannabis available today: Indica and Sativa. However, there is a huge misconception about what these terms mean and what they […]

Vapor Path

What does Vapor Path mean? The vapor path is the path that the vapor goes through.  This is basically from the bowl to what delivers the vapor to your mouth.  The vapor path could be the full whip setup like on a Silver Surfer, or a bag such as the Super Surfer and Volcano vaporizers […]


What is the meaning of Elbo? An Elbo is equal to one pound of cannabis.  This is an underground term that has been used for decades. More info on Elbo So now in Colorado, if you want to be technical, or more important, legally compliant, 453.592 grams is the official weight of a standard pound […]


What is the meaning of Crow? A word commonly used to describe very nice cannabis bud; More on Crow This term is rarely used and the term dank means the same but is used way more in the industry.


What does 420 mean? 420 means its time to smoke so cannabis.  This can actually be a time of day, time of year or just a way to say hey, lets smoke some pot without people who do not smoke cannabis know you are about to vape cannabis. More Info on 420 So far the […]

Alien Skin

What does Alien Skin Mean? Alien Skin is a form of encasement and many times a form of bubble trap.  Elev8 Premier makes alien skin by fuming a tube with gold and silver that has been rolled to get indents  These indents become small air bubbles while also allowing the fume to concentrate. More Info on Alien […]

Dub Sack

What does Dub Sack mean? A dub sack is a measure of cannabis that costs $20.  It’s not really a weight as prices are different around the world, yet a dub sack is always $20 worth of weed. Or its a new bag from Steve K. More info on Dub Sack Back in the day, a […]


What does Holistic mean? Holistic means encompassing the whole of a thing, and not just the part. Holistic medicine looks at the whole person for answers, not just at physical symptoms.   Holism is the idea that systems (physical, biological, chemical, social, economic, mental, linguistic) and their properties should be viewed as wholes, not just as a collection of […]


What does Lit mean? Something that is fucking amazing in any sense. More info on Lit Contrary to popular modern belief, Lit is a term used to describe mildly intoxicated. It was often used by blues and jazz musicians in the 40s, 50s and 60s to describe the “sweet spot” in which someone was drunk enough to be relaxed and […]

Butane Torch

What Is A Butane Torch? A butane torch is a too that uses butane and oxygen in the air to produce an intensely hot flame.  These torches can get as hot as 2610 degrees with most of them landing in the range of 2500 degrees.  This temperature is high enough to melt many common metals, such […]
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