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Sugar Leaf

What does Sugar Leaf mean? A sugar leaf is a finger-like leaf that develops around the bud of a cannabis plant. It often has a white cast to it, as if were coated with a dusting of powdered sugar. The sugar-like appearance to these small leaves is due to the presence of THC trichomes. “Sugar Leaf” may […]

Sugar Bloom

What does Sugar Bloom mean? Sugar blooms or sugar flowers are believed to occur after a cannabis plant has been treated with sugar. The bloom appears coated in a dusting of granulated white sugar. Often the layer of sugar-like substance is so thick, that the flower looks as if it has a layer of frosting. After a […]


What does Sucker mean? A sucker is a plant growth that develops from the rootstock of a plant that has undergone grafting. A sucker does not originate from a seed but instead it grows from the base of the root of the plant at a certain distance away from the plant. This undesirable part of the plant […]


What does Succulent mean? Succulents, or fat plants as they are sometimes known, are a family of plants made distinctive by their waxy leaves and ability to retain moisture. Succulents are particularly suited for arid climates because they require very little water to survive and are able to retain moisture for later use by storing it in […]

Succession Planting

What does Succession Planting mean? In horticulture, succession planting refers to planting methods that increase crop yields throughout the growing season by efficiently using space and thorough crop timing. Succession planting is simply the planning and planting of varieties that will mature in a succession as companion plants. More Info On Succession Planting Successful succession planting is the […]

Sub-Irrigation System

What does Sub-Irrigation System mean? In commercial landscaping and container gardening, a sub-irrigation system is located at the bottom of the box or container. During sub-irrigation, water is applied to the bottoms of the plants and allowed to travel upwards to the roots and stems through capillary action. Because it does not require a lot of space, […]


What does Striated mean? Striated plant fiber has parallel lines or grooves that appear on the surface of the leaves, stems, bark, or other plant regions. The striated lines are actually a component of the plant’s cellular structure. Typically, a striated plant has long, striated fibers that run parallel to each other. The fibers are visually discernible […]

Street Weed

What does Street Weed mean? Street weed is marijuana that is sold on the street by dealers or growers. It is typically sold in states, provinces, or countries where cannabis remains illegal for recreational or medical use. However, street weed can still be bought from dealers for lower prices than dispensaries charge in states where marijuana has […]


If you consume cannabis or hemp-based products for medicinal or recreational purposes, you need to know about bioavailability.  Bioavailability is how efficiently your body absorbs THC and CBD which effects how much healing potential you get from your cannabis. WHAT DOES BIOAVAILABILITY MEAN? Bioavailability is defined as follows: “The degree to which a drug or other substance […]


What does Strain mean? In botany, the term strain refers to variations found within plant cultivars. It also refers to the offspring that descend from modified plants. These plants are either produced by biotechnological methods or through regular breeding. In some cases, different strains result from genetic mutations. The word strain commonly applies to cultivars such as […]
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