Quartz Banger

What Does Quartz Banger mean?

A quartz banger is a term for a dab nail made from quartz crystal. Typically, the vast majority of dab nails are made from titanium, but many people feel that the metallic taste of the nail leeches into the dab concentrate and they find it unpleasant.

A quartz nail banger brings out the terpenes in the cannabis. The user tastes nothing but the concentrate product’s full-bodied flavor.

In a dab rig, the nail is the part responsible for heating the concentrate to the form of a vapor.

More Info On Quartz Banger

When heated at a low temperature, very little discoloration occurs on the surface of a quartz banger. The quartz surface of the banger is easy to clean away the cannabis residue. Generally, a couple swipes of a cotton swab is all that is needed to make any quartz banger look new again.

Quartz is said to be more durable than glass or ceramic dab nails, and the material is practically impossible to overheat.

Unlike titanium, glass, and ceramic nails, quartz bangers hold heat well and for an extended time period, which enables dab connoisseurs to truly enjoy the cannabis concentrate product. Quartz bangers also greatly restrict the airflow because they boast a larger hole which enables the dab product to last a long time.

Unlike other nail materials, quartz bangers do not shatter or crack from being continually heated. The quartz will easily stand up to the prolonged heat, even when applied to the exact same spot on the banger’s surface.

However, not all quartz is created equal. Low-priced quartz crystal often has imperfections and is thinner than high-quality quartz. The thinner quartz doesn’t hold as much heat, as sometimes doesn’t stay heated long enough to form much vapor. Ideally, a top shelf quartz banger should be manufactured from high-quality quartz.

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