Q-Tip Technique

What does Q-Tip Technique mean?

The Q-tip technique, often abbreviated to just the Q-tip tech, refers to an effective way to clean your dab nail and prolong its life.

Dab rigs and dab nails are not cheap, so keeping the apparatus clean will extend their usability. Also, a clean dab nail or banger helps enhance the flavor of each dab substantially.

The oily liquid that is allowed to accumulate on the dab nail or banger between uses is not only visually distasteful but also taints the flavor of the next dab. Over time, it also builds up on the nail and is difficult to remove.

More Info on Q-Tip Technique

The Q-tip tech involves taking a basic cotton swab and using it to wipe away the oily residue from the nail or banger. All sides of the cotton swab should be used to reach the crevices.

The nail needs to be hot when cleaning it with the cotton swab so that the residue wipes away easily. The cotton might burn a bit but that is nothing to be concerned about. If the nail is allowed to cool, the residue becomes sticky and the cotton of the swab will easily be removed.

The Q-tip technique should be used after each dab. Often the cotton of the swab is dipped in a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol to make it more effective at cleaning. A new cotton swab needs to be used each time to clean the dab nail so that no previous gunk is accidentally left behind.

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