What does Terpenoids mean?

Terpenoids are organic chemicals that are naturally produced by many plants, including cannabis plants. They are what give the plant its distinctive aroma. Many researchers also believe that the terpenoids of the plant are also what provide each strain with its own distinctive flavor.

Controlling the levels of terpenoids in a plant helps increase and alter the entire flavor experience. This makes the plant appeal to a wider array of people by creating an entire connoisseurship for the varying levels of terpenoids that each plant produces. Researchers are even working on ways to synthesize the plant’s terpenoids to achieve even greater levels of aroma and taste appeal.

More Info On Terpenoids

Terpenoids and terpenes are often confused. Terpenes also contribute to the smell and makeup of a plant, but on a much simpler scale than terpenoids. It is also believed that terpenoids are terpenes that have been denatured by oxidation during the drying and curing process of the flowers, or otherwise chemically modified.

Terpenoids are hydrocarbons, just like terpenes; however, they also have the benefit of containing more functional groups that make them even more complex. So far, researchers have discovered more than 100 different terpenes and terpenoids in cannabis.

The terpenes and terpenoids work together to not only produce signature aromas but also appear to regulate, to some degree, how much THC passes through the brain-blood barrier. In addition, they also have an effect on the body’s neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.

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